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Kei Mouth on the Wild Coast, South Africa

Family Fun and Adventure in Kei Mouth

Tucked away on the Wild Coast, Kei Mouth offers an idyllic backdrop for a family holiday and enough activities and adventures to entertain family members of all ages. 

With numerous accommodation options to choose from, you can find a comfortable cottage, sheltered campsite, or a spacious hotel room with a view of the sea, depending on your preference and budget. Whatever you opt for, you’ll be just a stone’s throw away from the area’s top attractions.

Wondering how a sleepy coastal village could possibly keep your kids, teenagers, parents, and your awkward aunts and distant cousins entertained for a week? Rest assured, while Kei Mouth may be small, it’s big on adventure! 

To make planning your beach holiday a little easier and to whet your appetite with a hint of the activities you could enjoy on the Wild Coast, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 adventures you can enjoy in this little corner of South Africa’s famous Adventure Province:

Our Top 10 Picks for Family-Friendly Adventures in Kei Mouth

#1 Soak up the Sun with Some Unparalleled Beach Fun

As a child, I remember running onto the beach the moment we arrived on holiday, and it’s something most people, regardless of age, struggle to resist. That initial feeling of the sand between your toes and the cool water lapping at your ankles is what tells you it’s time to relax. 

No Kei Mouth family holiday would be complete without at least a couple of days spent enjoying the beach. Even in winter, the water stays warm enough for a paddle and even a swim, if you’re feeling brave. Just watch out for rip tides and pay attention to the lifeguards if they advise you not to enter the water. 

#2 Grab Some Bait and Throw a Line 

Absolutely nothing beats the thrill of landing a fish. In the rivers and estuaries, you might be lucky enough to encounter spotted grunter while challenging yourself to some rock and surf fishing could see you land a coveted kob or bluefish. 

Either head out on your own, having secured your fishing supplies at the local SaveMor, or get the talented guides at Great Kei Fishing to show you their secrets and expertise.  

Bear in mind that you’ll also need a valid angling license, which you can pick up at St Anthony’s Trading Store on your way into Kei Mouth. 

If the shoreline isn’t enough for you, you could book yourself a deep-sea fishing adventure with Wild Coast Fishing Charters, where you can enjoy the thrill of catching for the table or tag and release for a more ethical fishing experience. 

#3 Cruise Control – Family Time on the Fish Eagle

If you want an activity all the family can enjoy, look no further than the Fish Eagle River Cruise. Pack a picnic basket, grab your swimming costumes, load your cooler box and get ready for the off! The Fish Eagle is a comfortable barge with ample seating for all the family. 

The more energetic amongst you can jump off for a swim or try your hand at a spot of river fishing, while others simply enjoy the adventure. If a picnic doesn’t grab you, bring your choice of braai vleis and experience the novelty of a floating fire. 

#4 Rock Your World With Some Clifftop Abseiling

Calling all thrill-seekers and adrenalin junkies! Why not get your kicks by launching yourself off the rocky cliffs of Morgan Bay and abseiling down a 24m vertical drop where there’s nothing beneath you but the churning waves of the Indian Ocean? Great Kei Adventures offers the necessary safety equipment and expertise to keep you safe while letting you experience the thrill of abseiling Morgan Bay’s iconic cliffs. 

#5 Swing into the Saddle with Wild Coast Horse Riding Adventures

Whether you’ve been riding for years or only minutes, Wild Coast Horse Riding Adventures has a trail ride that will build your confidence, alleviate your fears, or get your adrenalin pumping. 

For those with limited experience or who feel nervous around horses, we have dependable horses who’ll take you for a scenic walk through the village, exploring forest paths and open beaches. 

More experienced riders seeking a little more adventure can enjoy a two-and-a-half-hour ride over the cliffs in Morgan Bay before dropping down onto the beach for a fast-paced canter. 

#6 Discover the Treasures of the Local Motorcycle Museum

The Kei Mouth Motorcycle Museum is home to an incredible collection of motorbikes, cars, tractors, and virtually anything else with wheels or wings. It’s not open all the time, but when it is, it’s well worth a visit. This private collection includes 650 motorcycles, along with prams, sidecars, boats, and even aeroplanes, including the eye-catching passenger jet that acts as an unmistakable landmark.  

#7 Improve Your Golf Game At Our Picturesque Course

Kei Mouth Country Club’s scenic 13-hole golf course overlooks the ocean, offering breathtaking views of dramatic waves, dolphins, and the rugged coastline of the Old Transkei. Make the most of your experience by using separate tee boxes to extend your round to 18 holes, or stick to 13 and give yourself time to enjoy a leisurely lunch at the club afterwards. 

Feeling competitive? If you’re around on a Wednesday or Saturday, you could test your skills against the locals by adding your name to the draw and participating in one of the regular golf club competitions. 

#8 Perfect Your Paddling with an Affordable Kayaking Expedition

Kayaking is one of my favourite pastimes and offers a peaceful way to discover some of the area’s most hidden gems and best-kept secrets. The rivers and estuaries are home to an abundance of colourful birds, sun-basking reptiles, and an array of curious plant life. 

Hire a kayak from Great Kei Adventures or book a guided tour, where one of their experienced guides will share their knowledge, pointing out some of the elusive plant species that nestle along the river banks.

#9 Take a Township Tour for a Colorful Look at Local Culture

Join the guides at Elunxwemeni Township Tours for a unique taste of Xhosa life and a sip of traditional beer. Visit the local spaza shop and admire the amaXhosa in their colourful traditional attire before stopping off at a local home to sample Umngqhusho while tapping your feet to the local music. Spend a few hours experiencing life in the local township and get a taste of the cultural diversity that represents our Rainbow Nation.

#10 Burn Some Energy on Kei Mouth’s Scenic Hiking Trails

While a stroll along the beach may be enough for some of the family, others may want to let off some steam and burn some energy on one of the many local hiking trails. 

Explore the fascinating dune forests with Great Kei Adventures or find your own way, following the well-marked routes across the Morgan Bay cliffs. Alternatively, you could hike up to the lookout platforms on Signal Hill or challenge yourself to the steep climb up to the Cape Morgan Lighthouse. 

Parting Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a laid-back family beach vacation or an action-packed adventure getaway, Kei Mouth has something to delight every member of your crew. Remember, this blog features only 10 of the countless attractions the area has to offer, so if nothing here rocks your boat or blows your hair back, visit our activities page for more ideas and inspiration to craft your perfect Wild Coast holiday.

With so many things to do, the only challenge will be fitting everything in!

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